Fayetteville City Song

Just a thought, and it will be my last one on the subject of the city song of Fayetteville I wrote called: “MY HOMETOWN FAYETTEVELLE.” and I am not and never will be racist.

When is was raised in Fayetteville the cotton mills were a source of income for the people of my community Massey Hill. My Grandmother and Grandfather worked there and put food on the table because that was the only source of income at that time. The cotton mills were a necessity to survive. So cotton mills were not racist they were a viable source of income for those economic times. The people that worked in the cotton mills were hard working people, simple people that had to have a job to provide for there families, No air conditioners, intense heat, and eight hours shifts that were really tough. This was part of my heritage, my family heritage and again not racist. Seems to me that racism lucks in the minds of the complainers.
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Tommy Black Band Gaining Momentum

Lookout North Myrtle Beach, We’ll be back for SOS.

Tommy, Christina and the Guys!

Tommy, Christina and the Guys!

The Tommy Black Band f/Christina Cooper Black is coming back with a vengeance and to celebrate the occasion we made a few changes to the website. We’ve given it a new look. Just like the band. We want you to be know where we are performing at a glance so be sure to Calendar page. We’ll be sure to keep it updated so you can make plans to see our show.

Our first performance is scheduled for SOS and we’re going to rock Deckerz Bar and Grill to the rafters.

Thanks for stopping by. Please do so often. We have a lot of things we want to share with you.

News Flash from Tommy and Christina

Tommy, Christina and the Guys!

Tommy, Christina and the Guys!

Hello Tommy Black Band fans!!!We have been away for awhile due to medical issues, but look out b/c our 1st performance back will be April 12th during SOS @ Deckerz Bar & Grill, located on Main St in North Myrtle Beach.  This year we will have 5 on stage, new music, new merchandise, and a new CD. If you are interested in booking us, you can do so on our website, through FaceBook, or by contacting Tommy @ 910-964-3800!!! See you on the stage soon!!!