Fayetteville City Song

Just a thought, and it will be my last one on the subject of the city song of Fayetteville I wrote called: “MY HOMETOWN FAYETTEVELLE.” and I am not and never will be racist.

When is was raised in Fayetteville the cotton mills were a source of income for the people of my community Massey Hill. My Grandmother and Grandfather worked there and put food on the table because that was the only source of income at that time. The cotton mills were a necessity to survive. So cotton mills were not racist they were a viable source of income for those economic times. The people that worked in the cotton mills were hard working people, simple people that had to have a job to provide for there families, No air conditioners, intense heat, and eight hours shifts that were really tough. This was part of my heritage, my family heritage and again not racist. Seems to me that racism lucks in the minds of the complainers.

The other complaint about the song I wrote ” MY HOMETOWN FAYETTEVILLE” was the old Market House. Let’s look at the history of the Market House…Built in 1788 and was called the State House, and that is where the United States Constitution was ratified in North Carolina and it is a National Landmark, the only one in Cumberland County. Historically it was MOSTLY used to sell meat and produce on the on the street beneath the Market House. And occasionally Slaves were sold. Now this is the part I do not like the selling of slaves. No human being should be treated like that. That is the way it was back then, it was accepted, but again that does not make it right. But again that was the way it was back then. In my view the Market House stands for freedom. Freedom to do as we wish to make statements that flourish freedom.

My words in the song were just that “OLD MARKET HOUSE STILL STANDING BUT STANDS FOR FREEDOM’S WILL” that line in the song tells it all. Yes, the African Americans were treated badly, but have overcome the hardships and now this old landmark stands for Freedom’s will. This will that has transcended to the equality that all have today. The Old Market House stands for freedom, not slavery….It is a National Landmark that shows that slavery is a thing of the past and was a dark era in the history of the United States. But again, it was history and we make history everyday whether we like it or not. History is what it is, history, you can try cover it up but it will always be there. We all live in a nation that is still striving to reach that ultimate goal of FREEDOM FOR ALL UNDER GOD INDIVISIBLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR EVERYONE ….

“MY HOMETOWN FAYETTEVILLE was written for everyone that loves Fayetteville and its heritage. And I still do not have a racist bone in my body. But it seem to me that the people that complained about the song do , and that is a shame.

God Bless…

The song “MY HOMETOWN FAYETTEVILLE” will be sold here at the band website,the price will be $5.00 and all proceeds will go to the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT. and thanks to all who supported the song.

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